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1. Streamer (Streamer)

It is considered to be the top dream job of many gamers who love playing games. The nature of a Streamer's job is to broadcast live gameplay in real time through various channels or platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or Twitch, etc., which can play both online and offline games. While broadcasting the game play There will be various stories told, which may or may not be related to the game. It is a way of speaking to entertain the audience. To make the audience have fun and not feel bored. The content of the presentation may be teaching how to play the game. playing techniques Or tips on how to play to win, etc. It's like a host hosting a live broadcast. The average income is 10,000-100,000 baht per month

2. Game Caster (Game Caster)

In foreign countries, it may be called a "Game Commentator". It is a career in producing media in the form of videos and distributing them on various online channels by recording images while playing games. Along with talking and presenting various stories that are related to the game being played. Or what is called "game casting".


The main content used in video production includes reviews, recommendations, or reviews of popular games. Teaching techniques for playing games Teaching English or discussing various topics through the use of games as a medium. For the purpose of providing entertainment and fun to viewers. Number of followers watching (subscribers) will be more or less It depends on your style and creativity in producing videos that meet the needs of your target audience. The number of subscribers is also a factor related to income. The average income is 40,000-500,000 baht per month. The main factors that determine Game Caster's income are the number of subscribers and the unique style, along with the quality of the video work presented.

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3. E-sports Player

The main duties of this profession are Become an athlete competing in e-sports and practicing to improve your playing skills. The competition will determine the performance and success of this profession. E-sports competition is Electronic sports competitions have the same international rules as other sports, and contracts are signed with the athletes. The difference between e-sports and other sports is the nature of the competition which has the following elements: Having online games is like a playing field. The competition equipment includes a computer or mobile phone, headphones, a keyboard, and a high-performance internet system. During the competition, the athletes within the team and the competitors may not necessarily be in the same place. But you can compete together online. The average income ranges from 15,000 baht to millions of baht per month. However, the income of each athlete depends on many factors.

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4. Game competition voice actor (Shout Caster)

 A commentator or commentator for e-sports game competitions. without being the person who is competing in that game Their main duties are the same as those of other sports commentators, such as football or boxing. His duty is to describe the competition, analyze and criticize the playing techniques of each team. Including telling various stories involved during the competition. So that viewers can enjoy watching more. Including helping to create emotion, fun, and making viewers have a better understanding of events and situations during viewing. The average income is 50,000-150,000 baht per month

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5. Game Artist

 Responsible for designing and drawing various elements in the game to appear as beautiful, realistic or imaginary images, such as backgrounds, landscapes, various objects, whether vehicles, weapons, houses, animals, including characters and costumes. To appear as an image according to the story in the game. As defined by Game Designer, there are 2 types of artist games:

• Game Artist 2D is responsible for designing character sketches, scenes, and atmospheres in the game. In order for other teams to understand the same concept of the characters Or what are the other elements like? What do they look like? with an average income 15,000-25,000 baht per month

• Game Artist 3D will take over work from the 2D side and take that sketch and sculpt it into a three-dimensional (3D) model in order to see many aspects of the elements because nowadays most games have a 3D appearance with income. Average 50,000 baht or more per month

Game Artist 2D and 3D have different average incomes. Depends on type of work If you are a full-time employee, you will receive a fixed salary each month. But if you accept independent work (freelance), you will earn income from designing work in pieces or as projects.

6. Game Developer

Is the person behind producing games to market. It is responsible for creating and developing the game system in terms of programming and coding (coding), such as updating game versions to be consistent with changing technology. Fix the program system within the game to make it more quality, etc., with an average income starting at 25,000-100,000 baht per month, but income will increase according to skills. Past experience and work

7. Game Designer

It is a career that is like a movie director. Who can be considered the person who first thought of the entire game format that the game wanted to be developed. How to play, rules, difficulty, how long does it take to play? Including the appearance of the game It can be said that the fun behind each game depends on the Game Designer. The average income starts at 15,000-100,000 Baht or more per month This is because the gaming industry in Thailand is new and growing. As a result, there are not many experts yet. Therefore, it is in demand and has a relatively high income. As for advancement, it depends on your skills, experience, and company conditions.

8. Game Master (Game Master), the most popularpg

Game Master or GM is a profession that works both in front and behind the scenes of the gaming industry. It is responsible for managing gamers to have full convenience and fun from playing games. The scope of the GM's role includes providing various services related to games. It is a medium that connects service providers and players together. Become a player and social creator in the game. Average income starts at 20,000 baht and up and will increase according to experience and position of responsibility.

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